Luthuanian Love Song - Noriu Miegoti

One of the best Luthuanian romantic songs of all time. Noriu Miegoti by Jazzu.
This new "love song from" Lithuania will shake the world. "Noriu Miegoti" means "I want to sleep"

European Music Awards 2011 award winners for 'Best Baltic Act' started their stunning musical carrer in 2005. Since then vocalist Jazzu (Juste Arlauskaite) and producer Leon Somov (Leonas Somovas) found their way into big concert halls and became highly in demand with their full-band live concerts.

Sad Love Song from Turkey

Some Turkish songs can make you cry in a seconds with their deeply emotional lyrics and painful vocals. This is one of them.
This romantic Turkish song is about a lover's last letter to the one she cannot turn back. This is the end she says.. this is the end

Zerrin Özer - Son Mektup

List of Turkish Love Songs

Turkish Love Song - Ebru Gündeş - Demir Attım Yalnızlığa

This is a very powerful love song  from Turkey. Ebru's passion for music reflects amongs the melodies. This romantic song is about failures of a genuine lover. It was out in 1993. Its been long time but still always in many lovers' favorite lists.

List of Turkish Love Songs