Hopeless to Reminisce Throught The Dark Hours

David Gilmour SmileNow it's time to go
From your sad stare
Make my getaway
Time on my own
Needing a better way
To find my way home
To your smile

Canyuce says he is a great fan of David Gilmour and he loves this song "Smile"

An Old Gypsy Love Song in Russian

This a very romantic old Russian song, from a gypsy. It sounds like from an old movie, an old Russian ballad, made for lovers by travelling lovers.

I want to sing and laugh, love and enjoy
The old song will not warm me up.
Old life and lies I want to leave

Russian Hip Hop Love Song - Yarmak - Heart Of A Boy

This is a Russian hiphop style romantic song. Poweful lyrics about love and feelings of a boy.

There are a million stories, a million poets.
There are billions of fates, but there is only one

Have You Ever Listened To These?

What kind of Love Songs are you looking for?
Across the cedar covered river
Within the night that covers them
Up the hill toward dark gates
An approach so sweet yet again

Proffer the sightless with wine
Crank the old Gramophone
To go up and dance with the blind girls
A secret so holy and dire
To waltz in the arms of innocence
Hushed delights from the choir

Shadows long and playful
Cast with broken old candles
Gowns worn and stressed
Yet graceful in tired old sandals

Strike up the scratchy old music
Tonight they won't dance alone