Lithuanian Love Songs

Best Love Songs From Lithuania.
Lithuanian are in love with music. So they produce too many beautiful songs. Especially romantic melodies. They really, really are so good at it.

Best Love Songs From Lithuania

Here some of the best samples of "Lithuanian love songs"

Vėjas Man Pasake - Danutė Neimontaitė
Aš mylėjau Tave Tau Nežinant  - Aktorių Trio
Tiktai Tu  - Vaidas
Kai jausmai užvaldo širdį  -  NAKTINĖS PERSONOS
Mazyte -  Ovidijus Vysniauskas
Noriu Miegotu  - Jazzu
Make That Love - Donatas Montvydas

Lithuanian Love Song - Vėjas Man Pasake - Danutė Neimontaitė

You are listening to an enchantingly beautiful love song from a famous Lithuanian singer, Danutė Neimontaitė. It was released in 1969, during Soviet times. It's still known as one of the most gentle Baltic love songs.

Vėjas Man Pasake means " The wind told me " in English.

Lithuanian Love Song - Aš mylėjau Tave Tau nežinant by Aktorių Trio

Aš mylėjau Tave Tau nežinant is one of those  romantically calm songs which makes you to listen to it wherever you are, whenever you feel sad or happy. English meaning of this song is " I loved you without knowing you " . One of of the softest Lithuanian Romantic Songs.

Sometimes our hearts see the future before our eyes and minds.. And we just follow it without thinking and asking why. This song tells us all about this irresistible emotion.

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Across the cedar covered river
Within the night that covers them
Up the hill toward dark gates
An approach so sweet yet again

Proffer the sightless with wine
Crank the old Gramophone
To go up and dance with the blind girls
A secret so holy and dire
To waltz in the arms of innocence
Hushed delights from the choir

Shadows long and playful
Cast with broken old candles
Gowns worn and stressed
Yet graceful in tired old sandals

Strike up the scratchy old music
Tonight they won't dance alone